About Us

My workshop in the garden. And Milo
My workshop in the garden. And Milo

Hi I’m Steve.  I have a small workshop at home amongst the trees at the bottom of the garden where I make things.  All sorts of things.  Some to sit on, some to lean on, some to look at, and some to do a job.  And I make them out of all sorts of things.  Mostly wood.  All sorts of wood.  I like new, square, straight wood, who doesn’t, but if I’m honest I like old wood more.  Wood that’s “rubbish”, like pallets or packing crates, or salvaged from skips and building sites.  Or wood that people don’t want anymore, like old furniture.  Or sometimes even wood I’ve cut down.

“Why would you use and re-use old stuff, isn’t that more difficult?”

Well sometimes yes (quite often to be honest!) but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.  It might take a little more effort from me, but if that stops it being thrown away, landfilled, or just burnt as firewood, then it’s a price I’m happy to pay.  Timber doesn’t grow on trees you know.  Besides, old is interesting. Old wood, especially wood that has been something else has a history which it imparts onto the new piece if you’re careful. 

“Okay enough of that, what’s with the name, Not The Dog Furniture, what dog?”

Oh yeah, that.   So this is Milo.

Milo the curious Black Labrador checking out what I'm working on.
Milo the Black Labrador

He’s a 7 year old Black Labrador cross rescue dog that’s been with us for four years or so.  And he’s very nosey.  I think most black Labs are, but Milo is especially good at it.  Anything new he has to check out, like for example any new wooden thing that comes out of the workshop.  So you’ll see him in a lot of the photos on here, but remember it’s the furniture that’s for sale, Not The Dog.

Let’s build something together.