Herringbone Dining table Set


Herringbone Dining set comprising one table (630mm wide, 1200mm long 780mm high), 2 benches (290mm wide, 810mm long, 475mm high) and 2 stools (290mm wide, 290mm long, 475mm high) See individual listings for full details.  Treated with external grade varnish so suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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The very first piece of ‘proper’ furniture I made was one of these tables.  I’d ordered some metal railings for a job I was working on, and they arrived on a pallet that was 6ft long and 4ft wide, and looked nearly new.  I didn’t have space for it in the skip, so I broke it down with the intention of using it for firewood.  But as it sat in my workshop I realised that burning this perfectly good timber would be a total waste.  Then I had an idea…..


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