Herringbone Hardwood Coffee table


Low side/coffee table with hardwood herringbone pattern top.  Measures 685mm wide and deep x 460mm high.   Made entirely from salvaged and reclaimed timber.

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Expanding on the principals of the original Herringbone table this little table uses an unknown hardwood timber from the Indian subcontinent commonly used for packing items for shipping to give a different look.  The timber itself is often very twisted and distorted by the time it gets here, so cutting it into these smaller tiles helps to disguise some of that.  Even then every piece of timber needs to be milled to give it a straight edge and a uniform width.  I think it’s worth it to get that fabulous rich colour.  I also constructed the top by fixing each ’tile’ to its neighbour, rather than fixing it to a backing board as with the first iteration.  This was much more fiddly, but does have the advantage that you can see through the table top where the nails were, which I think is a nice detail.  I also made sure to save some of the better full length boards with a ‘live edge’ (a fancy term for a natural edge) to trim the top.

This table has been oiled and polished and is suitable for indoor use only.

Please note tea, cake and dog are for display purposes only and are not for sale.

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Dimensions 68.5 × 68.5 × 46 cm


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