Yakisugi Burnt Wood Chest of Drawers


Solid pine chest of drawers, probably late-20th century, it is of a pretty traditional English style. All outer surfaces have been charred in a Yakisugi style, before being given a sealing coat of clear varnish. Original knobs have been cleaned up and sanded and left with the natural finish.


This piece came into my workshop in a bit of a state. Most of the drawers needed rebuilding, and some of the carcass joints had come apart.  It also looks like it used to be a larger unit and somebody cut the top off it!  I spent some time putting it all back together properly, but even then it wasn’t the finest quality item you’ll ever see, so I decided it was an excellent candidate to try out Yakisugi.

Yakisugi is the art of burning wood to protect it.  Sounds crazy, but it works.  It’s also beautiful, and that’s why I’m interested in it. There are three levels of severity you can go to with the burning, but for this piece I opted for just a light charring to bring out the grain of the timber.  From there the whole thing was sealed with a varnish so you don’t get covered in black marks when you touch it!  I also kept and reused the original knobs for the drawers, but they looked like they had been hacked at in the past too, so I rounded them back up on the lathe and refitted them.  I’ve left them unfinished as they give a lovely contrast to the burnt drawer fronts.

Unit measures 590mm high, 490mm deep and 1000mm wide.


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 49 × 100 × 59 cm


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